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A Community Cornerstone

Our business is all about relationships. Over our four decades here in McMinnville, we have cultivated relationships with many charitable organizations in the community. We consider ourselves blessed and fortunate to have friends and relationships throughout the community.

It is all about giving something of value to those around us. Sharing value, generosity and joy with others.

We work with many community cornerstones such as Habitat for Humanity. Washington Roofing Company has donated and installed every Habitat for Humanity building in McMinnville. It is something that gives us great joy every time we drive by one of their buildings.

We purchase meals for soup kitchens, help with major fundraisers, contribute to scholarships and volunteer with local school districts. Helping the community is the same as helping our family, and that is what we are all about.

Helping communities grow

  WRC-church-in-Dayton   Dayton Blockhouse

Dayton Oregon, The Block House Cafe