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The Team

The Washington Roofing Company team has been committed to exceptional roofing and community support for more than 47 years.

Our Third Generation Team

Now in our third generation of family ownership with Eric Wolff at the helm, we are thriving, innovating and living our commitment to our clients every day: Quality, Value and Service.

Eric Wolff

Eric Wolff: Eric has been in the roofing business for over 20 years. In that time he has worked at every level of Washington Roofing Company. This knowledge base paired with experience of roofing, design, project management and estimating is conveyed in the success of the company. He is a family man with two children and considers his family to be his greatest achievement. Eric takes great pride in his work, knowing that what he builds will last for 20-40 years. Success for him is knowing people are getting their needs met.
"I am willing to do what it takes to do right by my community, vendors, business and most importantly my family."

June Wolff

June Wolff: June is the hub of the office and keeps everyone organized. She has been involved directly with Washington Roofing Company since 2008 and now takes care of things behind the scenes. One of her favorite responsibilities is the management of the company's charitable giving programs and she works closely with several organizations to ensure a quality roof is over their heads.
"We've contributed greatly to the various charitable organizations in town for many years. Our charitable giving is built around relationships."

Marika Feibel

Marika Feibel: Marika is our marketing manager. She coordinates the website, advertisements, social media and tracks sales calls for Eric and Scott. She educates herself on the newest trends of innovative marketing practices and prides herself on excellence in follow-up and follow though. She brings a high standard of work ethic and loyalty to our community and company.
"I will help with any job that needs to be done at Washington Roofing Company, whether big or small!"

Harold Washington

Harold Washington: Harold Washington former owner of Washington Roofing Company has 40 years of roofing experience. Harold works part time as our roofing consultant, roofing estimator and supports the roofing employees where needed. Mr. Washington highly values lending a helping hand in his community and does so through mentoring and charitable organizations.
"I'm going to install your roof just like I would install the roof on my home, my business, my building. With the highest quality I can manage."

Virginia Carlson

Virginia Carlson: Virginia Carlson is the Administrative Manager of Washington Roofing Company and ensures that all the wheels turn in our office. She was drawn to working with Washington Roofing Company because of our strong family ties and dynamics. Virginia is a proud and happy grandmother who plays and smiles with them every chance she gets!
"Talk it and walk it. Know it and show it. Live it and give it. Be a good human, even when no one is watching."

Scott Daniels

Scott Daniels: Scott Daniels is our Sales Manager. Scott’s job is to provide value and service to our customers. Scott started at Washington Roofing Company in 2013 after working with Harold and Eric for several years as Taylor Metal Products' representative. At our company, he is responsible for traveling to clients and jobsites, assessing the projects, providing estimates, documenting details, writing and preparing proposals, and relaying the scope of the project to the client and crew.
"I bring experience, expertise and professionalism to help provide long term solutions to protect your investments."

Jesse Wells

Jesse Wells: "I strive to assist our customers with the same quality, service and professionalism that I expect when I am the customer. Because of my 16 years of experience as a roof inspector with Duro-Last, I bring a level of distinction to my work at Washington Roofing Company. Having satisfied customers is an endeavor of mine every working day."