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We work with time tested vendors to ensure we have the very best materials with the most competitive warranties in the business.

Taylor Metal Products

Taylor Metal Products: Washington Roofing Company aligns itself with products as our mottos parallel – “Quality Products & Exceptional Service” and those skills are exactly what we find from their company.  We do our level best to provide only the most durable and high quality roofing installations and Taylor Metal Products is a brand we stand behind.

Metal roofs are ideally suited to more extreme climates, resisting rain, wind, fire, snow and ice. Metal roofs resist moss, mildew and other common problems found on other roofing products. Taylor Metal Products’ roofs are made with recycled materials and are highly energy-efficient meeting the coveted ENERGY STAR standard.

Washington Roofing Company, in addition to utilizing their metal roofs, also works with Taylor Metal Products’ siding products. Bringing the durability of their metal roofing products to the exterior of your home or business.