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Our crews have often been compared to a swarm of bees: they arrive, spend a short period working busily and leave without a trace, except for the new roof of course.

The Best Commercial Product

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Duro-Last is the best commercial roofing system in the business. We are “Master Elite” installers of this exceptional product.

Washington Roofing Company is Oregon’s most experienced Duro-Last Master Elite installer, with three decades of distinction. Duro-Last is unlike any other product. It offers our commercial clients exceptional value, energy savings and performance.  Duro-last has the added benefit of being recycled once it is removed from a building!

Reliable Quality: As a representative of Duro Last our Master Elite installer status provides a 15 and 20 year no dollar limit (plus contents coverage) warranties.

Energy Efficiency: Duro-Last sets the standard for single ply roof reflectivity, which brings significant energy efficiency savings to Washington Roofing Company’s clients. A Duro-Last roof can reduce a building’s energy costs by 40% and significantly improve insulation performance.

Custom Prefabrication: After careful measurements and a thorough estimate is performed by Washing Roofing Company your Duro-Last roof is prefabricated in a climate controlled warehouse.

Quick, Efficient Installation: Because Duro-Last is prefabricated, the amount of field work required for installation is reduced by 80%. With the guesswork eliminated, installation is quick and precise, reducing the likelihood of rooftop leaks in the future. Washington Roofing Company is in and out in a matter of days, reducing impact to occupied buildings.

Added Benefits: The Duro-Last system can often be installed over existing roofs without expensive and laborious removal.  Duro-Last offers a commitment to quality and longevity as well as an attractive face lift to existing buildings.

In short, Duro-Last is simply the best product available for commercial buildings. Paired with the practiced skill of Washington Roofing Company staff, you are guaranteed exceptional and affordable quality and service.

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