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Our crews have often been compared to a swarm of bees: they arrive, spend a short period working busily and leave without a trace, except for the new roof of course.

Long Term Performance

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We can help you with a regular maintenance program including inspections, keeping your roof and gutters clean and free of debris and damage repair.

The number one thing you can do to protect your roof is to have Washington Roofing Company assess your building’s roof then develop a plan for yearly or quarterly cleaning and maintenance. Your roof’s long-term high performance is paramount to the energy efficiency of your building and the overall costs of your roof. Washington Roofing Company can help you keep your roof clean, free of debris and in good repair with regular maintenance. The following will help to ensure a long term, high performance roof:

Leave it to the professionals: Our staff is trained and insured to walk on any kind of roof in a way that is safe and avoids damage to the building. Whether it is an emergency leak or an ongoing maintenance issue, call us to check it out for you – for your safety and that of your roof.

Keep your roof and gutters clean: Debris on your roof can cause a myriad of problems from clogged gutters to trapped moisture causing moss and algae. Regular cleaning is vital to preventing future issues. Washington Roofing Company has developed a careful cleaning process that is thorough, effective and will spruce-up your property.

Inspect for damage: A regular maintenance program of inspection and repairs will help detect minor problems before they become serious.

Residential roofs need maintenance too! Keeping your roof free of debris is a good start to keeping your roof healthy.

Does your property need some roofing maintenance?
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