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Our crews have often been compared to a swarm of bees: they arrive, spend a short period working busily and leave without a trace, except for the new roof of course.

Philosophy of The Golden Rule

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We are committed to careful preparation, quality products, beautiful design, impact reduction and spotless clean up.

We treat our residential clients how we ourselves would like to be treated. The process starts with getting to know our customer, what their needs are and what they expect from our assistance. Washington Roofing Company’s goal is to install the highest quality roof that will last for years.

Careful Preparation: Our residential process is similar to our commercial roofing solutions. We take stock of the location, landscaping, problem areas and devise a plan to minimize impact to our client.

Measuring Twice, Cutting Once: Once we have determined the best process, we take careful measurements of the site and put our plan into action. By taking careful measurements, we reduce waste and pass these savings onto our clients.

Quality Roofing Products: CertainTeed, a Portland Oregon company, shingles have the longest performance, the best price and the most comprehensive warranty on the market. For many of our residential clients, the best product is CertainTeed. Every project is different, but your benefit will always remain the same. Our goal is provide our clients with the best quality roof possible.

Top Notch Custom Gutters: We have the capability of creating a custom made gutter with our mobile gutter unit. This onsite component allows us to top off a new or repaired roof with attractive new gutters.

Making Life Easier: We work closely with our clients to determine the best times to work and any special accommodations that are required. Our crew arrives with everything they need, from supplies to equipment, to bathroom facilities; our crew is experienced and have the express goal of limiting their impact on our client’s lives.

Thorough Clean Up: We commit to leaving no trace behind when we complete a project. We bring a haul-off truck, and our crews execute a careful clean up process to ensure a clean site.

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