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Our crews have often been compared to a swarm of bees: they arrive, spend a short period working busily and leave without a trace, except for the new roof of course.

Truly Sustainable

For Washington Roofing Company, sustainability is part of our work every day. Our recycle yard allows us to properly sort, reuse and recycle materials that come back from our job sites.

Green practices are a given in our business. Washington Roofing Company embraces a comprehensive view of environmental and social sustainability including:

Value Consciousness: Sustainable systems are made feasible when they result in long-term cost savings. We select products and practices that are sustainable both financially and environmentally based on the product’s life cycle cost analysis.

Social Equity: For us, a sustainable community is one that invests in the needs of all of its members. This means enhancing opportunities for our partner non-profit organizations and taking care of our own staff by offering health care, a 401K plan and support in their professional development.

Environmental Stewardship: Our team keeps up to date with new industry innovations to ensure that we bring the most efficient systems to reduce the environmental impact of our work.


Recycling: Washington Roofing Company does its level best to recycle or re-purpose all materials!

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